A Blessing for 2023

Considering the wild ride that we’ve experienced, especially in 2022, it’s a relief to be here right now, in a short “grace period.”

Here in January 2023, we find ourselves in a moment of energetic calm – a short moment before the unprecedented and profoundly energetic waves of energy flowing through our Solar System from the center of our galaxy become the most significent thing to ever happen in human history.

This is the perfect time for us to consider what is supporting our celebration of life, and what isn’t. This is the perfect time for a cool appraisal of the extent to which the containment system of our “civilization” is compromising you. The fear-based trance inducing systems that have goverened our world have been designed to disempower you – by enforcing a state of chronic contraction and distress. And on so many fronts, this chronic condition has become an emergency for life on our planet.

It is absolutely necessary for us to off load whatever compromises and accommodations we have made in the name of playing it safe, staying within the lines, and not rocking the boat! And none of us have to look very far! We can consider our families, and education, and how we were domesticated: so many of us internalized paralyzing mixed messages – like that we are simultaneously not enough and way too much.

But rather than taking the next 10 years for a necessary house cleaning, clearing the decks, and off-loading of the dysfunctional debris of our upbringing with some sort of “psychological” process, there is another way for us to clean up our acts. We can simply align ourselves with the great life affirming Harmony of the Vast Self in the here and now – aligning ourselves with the uncontainable YES of Creation’s ever fresh flowering upwelling into every moment! The effort necessary for each of us will be in becoming honest.

By being willing to see what is, we can move out of the centrifugal force field of our world’s three-ring circus of distraction, damage, and despair. By being willing to respond to the multiple over-lapping emergencies that face life on earth, we move into a deep inner alignment with the flow of love and the sparkling innate intelligence of Creation!

Like surfers catching big waves, by aligning with Creation, we’re easily able to access and flow with our innate giftedness. We recover our feral agility. Our creativity ignites, along with our capacity to love and care. We step out of the isolation of imagining that we have seperate identities, and we begin to collaborate and cooperate – we truly communicate! And in appreciation for the gift of life, we celebrate!

Yes, it seems weird that a celebration can happen simultaneously with our world on fire. With our world freezing or flooding, or becoming a desert.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening:

The very same irresistible flowing harmony emanating from Source, that is supporting and amplifying our unique and essential gifts to life, is exactly the same powerful energetic flow that is presently disintegrating the predatory exploitative systems and structures that have governed, exploited, and severely damaged our world. These systems are failing from within, due to their core lack of integrity – and they’ll take you down with them, unless you step out of the compromises that they demand of you.

It’s heartbreaking that our species has brought life on our beautiful little planet almost to the point of no return… but the movement towards repair, restoration, renewal and recovery of wellbeing is up to us. It starts with something profoundly life affirming and regenerative occurring within you.

Yes, the blessing possible for life now is you!

And, so, we come back to us – to our community of open hearts choosing to live with love, and without fear. Though our broken hearts, the impossibly bright light of YES from the Vast Self shines – illuminating our lives, and bringing light to the challenges that face us. This YES – this light – is what you are inviting in.

Let’s make this simple: it’s time for us to take action! And if ever there was a time to stand up for life, this is it! We are the ones capable of love in action – and being love in action is the ultimate art of living. To be an Artist in Spirit is to allow your life and concerns to be illuminated and informed by the incoming waves of YES – providing us with all of the resources we need to reshape our relationships with all of life.

You bring a blessing into our world when you respond to the challenges and emergencies we face by stepping into alignment with life, by co-creating a new “reality” from our hearts – a reality that includes everything we’ve learned, and everything we’ve yearned for – peace, respect, sharing, well-being for all, abundance for all – and for caring for and celebrating life in a sane, compassionate, and collaborative world.

My commitment to you is to support your realization of the blessings you bring to life.

I celebrate the gifts that you bring, the gift that you are. And my life is dedicated to creating a community of agile, creative, resourceful and responsive people. People who can influence and re-shape our human impacts on life, supporting our evolution from devastating exploitation and predation, to having respectful regard and caring for the restoration of the beauty, well-being and regeneration of the fabric of life itself.

Here’s our bottom line: being in the world, wild and free-spirited, with love in our hearts, is our most effective strategy for bringing healing and sanity to our world.

I invite you to share in this “better strategy” with me – and with our community around the world!

With love
Francis Rico