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Celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe

Saturday, December 11th and Sunday, December 12th

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Join Francis Rico and Li-lan Hsiang Weiss LIVE on December 11th and 12th.
They will share history and the true story of the Lady of Guadalupe and Her intercession. Which, includes the indigenous people’s deeper, less-known story of struggle and desperation. And, how their sorrow and prayers were answered by a Sacred Presence – Tonantzin – Our Lady of Light. This is a two part event. We will meet once on Sunday December 11th at 11:00am PST, and again on Monday December 12th, 2022 at 12:00 Noon PST.

On Sunday, Francis will share the deep indigenous story.
This 90-minute gathering will include a welcome and meditation message for our times with Li-lan. It will provide an opportunity to get a sense of the bigger picture, and to experience the blessings of this miracle that continue even today – as we are faced with multiple over-lapping emergencies that threaten to devastate life as we know it, just like the indigenous population in Central Mexico in 1531, at the time of her arrival.

On Monday, Li-lan and Francis will Celebrate Her Holy Day – December 12th.
This 60-minute gathering will focus on shared intentions, prayers, a visioning experience and a blessing ceremony at the conclusion, for you to enjoy, experience, and integrate the mysterious benefit of our Lady’s grace coming into your life.

The Zoom link to both Sunday and Monday’s online gatherings can be found below.
For more information email:

Celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe
Saturday, December 11th and Sunday, December 12th

Use this link 5 minutes in advance of our meeting:
Meeting ID: 576 058 0392 – Pass code: 3380199

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Saturday, December 11th at
11:00am PST / 12:00pm Mountain / 1:00pm Central / 2:00pm East
England, you’re at 7pm!

Sunday, December 12th at
12:00pm PST / 1:00pm Mountain / 2:00pm Central / 3:00pm East
England, you’re at 8:00pm!

our lady of guadalupe

Applying Shamanism Community
What’s Happening

Fall 2022 through Spring of 2023

We’re all experiencing incredibly amplified waves of energy that are uplifting some of our intentions, plans, and dreams, while simultaneously, totally dissembling others!

For me, tuning in to Source: I’m realizing that simply being available to you for personal support with private sessions over these next few months is much more responsive and helpful than what my highly structured advanced program Sourcery offered. Let me help you make the most of the opportunities that surround us.

And, if you’re visiting shamanzone and wondering what’s all this is about – welcome! Applying Shamanism is a 6 month program that supports stepping out of the contracted trance state of our “normal” reality and into a realm of our innate giftedness while being supported by a community that has grown over the past 11 years. A community comprised of agile, creative, responsive, and resourceful people who are living life in a state of love, without fear. We invite you to join us!

Click on Shamanic Services to see the range of sessions and support available to assist you. For Applying Shamanism Community members: contact me for your discount rate. I’ll always find a way to make things work for you.!

Click on Journey to Teotihuacan for details on our upcoming journey. Take a look! Feel into it. See what your dreams reveal. Listen to what your heart has to say. You’re here for a reason! Send me a note to

A New Applying Shamanism program is beginning in January and runs through June. More information on the program will be available soon! Interested? Want to know more? Contact:

An Invitation to Life

Shamanism is the mysterious vibrational art of expanding above, below, and beyond the contracted limitations of “normal reality” into a realm of expansive possibilities and creative alternatives. This capacity is innate within you – to live fully, enjoyng the gift of life, and expressing the gifts given to you by Creation – living as a wild and passionately caring being – agile, creative, resourceful and responsive to life.

The simple truth: your expanded capacity for love, compassion, and caring is the evolutionary transformation and awakening now emerging within our species.

My grandfather, Pedro Angel Fernandez, was a “Maketo” – someone who traveled between worlds. I continue our lineage with the recognition that we’re all being called to ignite our creative agility and joy, bringing life affirming responses to the damage and distress caused by the powerful predatory exploitative systems that have ruled our world for too long.

I celebrate the expression of your deepest inner resources and gifts, including your healing and expanded well-being, extending to your family, your friends, your neighbors, community, work relationships, and to all who we share life with here on Earth.

My book – A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty is a highly recommended introduction to this realm of expansive possibilities – with shamanic wisdom stories, practices, and exercises to help you navigate these changing times.

Please look around, and make yourself at home. I invite you to contact me at: with your questions and concerns, and let’s share the magic and miracles of this “path of mutual benefit.”

The Shamanzone is a place to gather.
It offers community programs, practices, and journeys with personal
shamanic services to support you on your path.

Shamanic Services

The seemingly unsolvable problems, dilemmas, difficulties and life challenges we face can be transformed – because there is a revolutionary experience of life that can open for us beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed is possible. I will help you make direct contact with the unseen guidance and resources that surround you, and are within you. more…

Springtime in Teotihuacan

Wednesday, March 30 through Tuesday, April 5, 2022 – Springtime in Teo! This is the great Pyramid of the Sun, where the rising sun of awareness invites you to step into the Great Mystery, to find there a reawakening of the agile feral capacities that are at the center of your being – the “gift” of you! more…

Applying Shamanism 2023

December 2022 through June 2023 This year’s program is greatly expanded, with a comprehensive new workbook that gathers everything into one place. Plus,the addition of multiple opportunities to go deeper into a wide range range of practices, each taught by experienced person in our community. more…

A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty by Francis Rico

A guide to moving into the spiral of Creation’s energy and discovering the deep beauty contained within each moment. It presents 11 simple practices, each a step on the spiral path, that will help you to embody the ageless wisdom of Spirit — bringing happiness, healing, and real magic into your life.