A Blessing for 2022

Let’s take a look into this New Year, 2022, and see what’s possible,
and what flows of energy are creating the influences that we live our lives in.

Here on planet Earth, a vortex of events has brought us to this “now”- to this moment in galactic time/space – that we instinctively know is a complete departure from the “known.” We’ve definitely entered into the Great Mystery!

There is some good news here! Unlike our linear time based system – that pays so much attention to clock time measurements – our recent solar system’s movement into an open-field relationship with our galactic center has allowed for a large apperature of influence for this New Year – with a bell curved shape of influence – showing us a holographic image of the coming year.

From the September Equinox of 2021, we have been moving with cosmic energy flows – like ships in a following sea, heading for a safe harbor in the lee of the sun – into the December winter solstice – a place and time of refuge and calm in which we have had the opportunity rest and reorgnize.

This period – late December 2021 into late January of 2022 – is a time of grace, in which we can let go of our old navigational systems. Our old maps are not of this new world we have entered.

What does this mean?

We’ve been experiencing energetic movements unlike anything from our collective past experience – energetic movements that are “shaking our windows and rattling our walls.” And the navigational systems of coherence that we call our “civilization”– the economic, political, voting, judicial, educational, medical, health care, scientific, agricultural, energy, media, social, religious, and spiritual systems that we have relied on for coherence and direction in our lives – are crumbling and failing, and are now essentially obsolete.

So here we are!

The “gift” of the Winter Solstice and this time of rest and reflection is that it offers us the opportunity to look to the stars, to look into our hearts, and to look into each other’s eyes.

And then, to share the truth of what we see as essential – to find our new bright Guiding Star, and to establish our orientation to this new world emerging.

An additional gift of this moment is that in this safe harbor, we can more easily dismantle and offload the beliefs and energetic constructs that we held – energetic investments that no longer serve any purpose because essentially they are also obsolete.

For example: we no longer owe any allegiance to a world system that has demanded our compliance, our subserviance, and our aquiescence with its destructive and exploitive agendas.

Let’s share a few simple truths as we look into 2022.

Each of us -and that means YOU – are a gift of life to life.

Each of us enjoys the gift of life, and each of us IS a gift to life.

Our love – the life affirming love of life for life – is literally at the heart of everything.

This love is the ringing YES that is the song of Creation.

And we can see that what we have been calling “enlightenment” is not a goal, or lofty attainment – but is simply the first step in the direction of truly loving and caring for life – with a compassionate, collaborative and respectful relationship with all of Life.
And here we find our new navigational system: Love, compassion, respect, and community.

OK – we’ve entered a “grace period” that started with the Solstice, and extends into the beginning of this new year.

In January, as the moon moves again towards fullness, we depart out from our safe harbor, moving as Artists of Spirit into the incoming waves of galactic energy flowing into 2022.

And for 2022, here it is: what we create now is up to us!

Let’s celebrate, and share our celebration of the gift of life
with our family, friends, community, and our world.

We can do this now, right away: Invite your family and friends to gather with you in any place of natural beauty – the wilder the better.  And yes, your own backyard qualifies. Where ever you are is Sacred!

Together, find your way into a profoundly warm and deep silence. Create a living ceremony on the spot, opening the gates of perception, and inviting listening.
In the deepest silence, we can hear Creation singing the beautiful harmony of all that is. We can hear the YES! – the love of life for life – that is our guiding light, our guiding star for the uncharted waters of these changing times.
And, by simply opening your heart to the beauty surrounding you, you are opening the gift of being, being here, and being here now!

If you also see the value of community as a guiding light, the invitation here is to more actively participate in community, in creating and supporting community– by contributing and sharing the gift of yourself.

And we can see that it is possible to reshape our global human presence by bringing the best of ourselves, and our communities, into collaboration, into cooperation, and into shared communion with all of the communities of life here on our precious beautiful little planet.

– Francis Rico