Come to the realm of the Great Mystery!

Teotihuacan is a Source of wisdom,
a University of the Spirit.
Join me, with a small band of open hearts, and experience healing and release from the chronic contraction of our “domesticated” Western civilization. Teo is a Source of multi-dimensional intelligence, healing, and evolutionary support.


Come to the realm of the Great Mystery!

We’re talking Teotihuacan! And the gift of the mysterious and magical living pyramids, temples and plazas of Teo is the direct experience of the equally mysterious gift of you!

This reawakening to the agile, creative, feral resourcefulness that is innately you – alive at the center of your being – is more than just a life enhancing and life altering experience – it is a reshaping of our world – our shared “reality.”

Background: Teo has long been a source of multi-dimensional intelligence, healing, and evolutionary support.

In fact, Teotihuacan is know in the indigenous traditions of the Americas as a Source of wisdom – a University of Spirit – a place where humans go to discover their highest and deepest potential.

And, the invitation: join me, with a small band of open hearts, and experience healing and release from the chronic contraction of our “domesticated” Western civilization.

And, experience what becoming an “Artist of Spirit” is really all about: the evolutionary emergence of the gift of you!

This is where we’re at: In light of the multiple over-lapping emergencies that challenge life on our precious little planet, your emergence as a gifted life-affirming creative being is now essential.

My question for you: can you take a week to re-vision your life?

Would it benefit you to bring an expanded sense of creative artistry to the way you live? And then, to share that magic with your family, friends, and community? Yes! Of course! And if Teo has ever been on your radar, if this adventure into Source has ever been a dream, if it has ever been a possibility, NOW is the time to act.

Joining us is teacher, healer, author and guide White Star. She’s deeply informed, with a keen sense of humor – with a life long dedication to liberation, to living ceremony, and to creating and supporting community. Also joining us is Ben Carlman – who found in Teo a capacity within himself to respond to the flowing energy of the present moment in ways that create both opportunity and benefit for those on our journey.

We have a great team to support you! And, at the Dreaming House, our beautiful private estate on the grounds of Teotihuacan, we have beautiful accommodations, with delicious authentic Mexican family style meals included. Also, we’re happy to honor your diet preferences. You will be well cared for.

Our dates are Wednesday, April 12th thru Tuesday, April 18th, with an extension from the 18th thru Friday April 21st.

Journey cost for the main program is $1295 for a shared room, and $1495 for a private room. The cost includes delicious meals and lodging at our private estate – the Dreaming House. Extension options are an additional $550 to $650 depending on specifics. Please consult with Francis. A private room is an additional $200.00. Included is entry to the pyramids, our shuttle to and from the airport, and an optional day in Mexico City visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe and the world renowned Anthropological Museum. Cost does NOT include your air-fare, staff tips, alcoholic beverages, or extra activities like a herbal sweat lodge or private healing sessions with one of our indigenous healers.

To register, contact our journey coordinator, Elaine Silver at (or) 845-536-6848. Elaine will help you arrange your travel plans to link with our pickup and return shuttles in Mexico City. She will have information for you on every aspect of our journey. We take care of all of the details, so that your experience is comfortable, safe, and worry free.

This journey is being kept intimately small. Please make a $250 deposit to reserve your space. Contact me at for payment options:

By check: Contact me at

Or by PayPal: (add a 3% fee) pay to my email address,

Or by Venmo: (no fee attached) to Venmo @FrancisRico

Deposits are 100% refundable, and/or transferable to other shamanzone journeys.

Also, I’m right here, ready to share more about Teo and to answer your questions and address your concerns – including exploring whether this journey is the right one for you.

Want a “slide-show” feel for the Teo experience?? Go to

And, we recently had a gathering of our Teo tribe – with the first half-hour of this video being a remembrance of our experiences in Teo – you might enjoy this: After the first half hour – people share what Teo’s influence is operating I their lives… really touching and informative – but the first half hour is what the experiences are all about. Check it out!