Help Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Stock Up for Baby Season!

Baby Season is HERE!

Baby season has already begun at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue with a handful of orphaned opossums, squirrels, pigeons and barn owls currently in care! Before we know it, our intake numbers will begin to climb rapidly and SCWR will be the temporary home to many more species of orphaned animals in need of specialized care.

For us to support these animals and prepare them for their return to the wild, we are stocking up now on supplies that we will need to care for patients, to provide education to our community on how to co-exist alongside wildlife, and to fundraise for the costs of operations.

Helping us by donating the items needed will not only help with the cost of supplies but it will also help save our staff invaluable time during the summer! If you would like to donate new or used items to wildlife this summer please check our the ways you can help below!

How Can You Help Us Stock Up for Baby Season?
Donate Blankets and Towels!

We are in need of a MAJOR laundry restock to prepare for baby season. We are looking for white towels, colored towels and baby blankets! We ask that the towels and blankets are in good condition, without holes or frayed seams. Towels and blankets with holes or frays can be a death sentence to our wildlife patients as they can get entangled, causing them to panic and injure or possibly strangle themselves.

If you do not have used towels or baby blankets to donate and would like to purchase some for the rescue, you can do so using our Amazon Wishlist. If the towels are no longer on our wish list that means we have filled our needs!

If you are dropping off donations in person, please deliver them to 403 Mecham Road Petaluma, CA 94952 and leave them on the front porch on our donation drop off table. We are open to receive donations from 9 AM – 5:30 PM daily.

Please use the link below to donate today!
Visit Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue online to learn more about their work.

CLICK HERE to Donate

Other Ways to HELP

Do you have a set of nice dinnerware that is taking up space and sits unused year, after year? Donate it to SCWR so we can put it to good use hosting fundraisers for wildlife!

Over the past several years, SCWR has put in a lot of work in to prepare our campus for hosting fundraising events, including finishing our wildlife friendly backyard (see photos above) and constructing an event shed to store our event supplies. We are now looking to put the finishing touches on this project with some nice dinnerware that is in good condition so that we can host events with style!

If you have dinnerware that you would like to donate,
please email a photo of it to

We’ve updated our Amazon Wishlist with both items needed and items that we are wishing for this summer! Many of the items on this list are frequent purchases that we make to keep operations running smoothly and some of them are unique one-time needs.

Shopping our Wishlist will help us get stocked up in time for baby season, and save us time ordering and restocking during the hectic summer months!

SCWR Amazon Wishlist