Deep Beauty Book


A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty by Francis Rico

A guide to moving into the spiral of Creation’s energy and discovering the deep beauty contained within each moment. It presents 11 simple practices, each a step on the spiral path, that will help you to embody the ageless wisdom of Spirit — bringing happiness, healing, and real magic into your life.

1. Enlightenment is Easy. Throughout history, our spiritual teachers have done their best to share this secret with us.
2. Forgiveness is the Key. Practicing forgiveness leads to the recovery of life energy bound up in past injuries, and this is the energy that allows you to become whole and happy.
3. Suffering Is Optional. There is a practice that will support your choice not to suffer!
4. Wellness Flows Like Water. Life energy flowing through us is the fountain of youth and vitality. But when this energy is obstructed, we become depressed, distressed and eventually diseased.
5. The Great Mystery. At the center of everything, including you, is a great mystery.
6. Alignment with Creation. What are you aligned with in your life? Align with Creation and the prison doors will open!
7. Freedom. The focus on “freedom from” — from lack, from hunger, from oppression — prevents us from seeing that freedom is found in movement.
8. Dreaming. We dream at night, but we re also dreaming during the day.
9. Deep Beauty. Beauty is more than a personal attribute – it is the language spoken by Creation. As you become fluent in this language, beauty permeates you, radiates from you, and the deep beauty of every moment is revealed.
10. Seeing. We continue “seeing” what we expect to see, because our attention is directed by our beliefs. We can learn to see what really is, with no expectations.
11. Being. The shamanic path offers a simple, natural way to be.