Applying Shamanism – an invitation from Francis Rico
January through June 2022

There is a magical and miraculous life that you were born to live! But the current reality that we’re experiencing is of complex and overlapping emergencies facing us, facing our families and friends, our communities, and the world we share life with. Looking around, we see increasing environmental and societal chaos and catastrophe. And what we once considered “normal” was a destructive exploitative system that has come to the end of its road.

“Business as usual” has failed our world – and we’ll never return to what we thought was “normal.” But there is some good news! What happens – what we create now – is up to us!

Applying Shamanism offers powerful tools and resources for creatively reshaping your life – for becoming agile, resourceful, and resiliant. Becoming resourceful in caring for ourselves and all that we love is our response to the current movement towards oppressive control of every aspect of life that demands your obedience and compliance in exchange for a promise to keep you safe.The practices and encouragement offered in Applying Shamanism will directly benefit you, supporting the inner harmony and innate coherence of your life – and from there, you naturally become more resourceful and capable of caring for others in powerfully life-affirming ways.

Applying Shamanism condenses years of shamanic training and apprenticeship into a 5 month course – offering a creative realignment and orientation to “reality.” Which, includes using shamanic tools and resources, the re-ignition of your innate radiance and resourceful feral intelligence, using practical applications of flowing energy to overcome obstructions – along with accessing healing practices, practical magic, living ceremonies, serious celebrations, and journeys into the magic and wisdom of Source based traditions.

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Our focus is on incorporating shamanic wisdom and practices into our daily lives. We get together monthly with on-line Zoom video gatherings and events, with regional groups when possible, and with optional online personal interest work groups, and optional private sessions.

This program is highly interactive, and input into the soon to be published Applying Shamanism book is an important part of our work together for 2022. Like the program, the book shares how to become agile and creative with a global network of people who are ready to step out of the trance of depression and disempowerment, into resourceful life-enhancng “love in action” in their lives and communities.

Your schedule is busy – so, all classes and events are recorded for viewing at your convenience. All materials and resources are designed to support your progress – there are no deadlines or arbitrary rules – we’re on shamanic time! But there is accountability: a weekly 15 minute check in with a member of our community to review the work you are doing. Monthly activities may also include wilderness adventures along the Pacific North Coast to places of magic and energy, along with your parallel adventures in the wilderness nearest to you, wherever you live! Plus, there are optional journeys, one from March 30 thru April 5 to Teotihuacan Mexico, and another to the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca in Peru in late October, dependent upon the impact of the global pandemic on travel.

Membership and participation in Applying Shamanism is by monthly donation of $100. Discounts on private sessions, journeys, and materials are included in membership. Let me know if you are able to donate more than $100 a month. We appreciate your help supporting our “scholarship fund” for students with financial restrictions. If you are financially challenged at this time, let me know, and we’ll see what we can do. We can look at what you can do financially, as well as what skills, resources, and other contributions you could make to our Program and community.

Bring your questions and concerns to our “Get acquainted” preliminary Zoom meeting online on Monday January 10th at 4:00pm PST. Please send me a note with any questions or concerns you might have. I’ll send out a Zoom link to everyone who might be interested.

Registration is now open. The Applying Shamanism Program officially begins with a Zoom video gathering on Sunday January 16th, at 11:00am, PST. Contact me at

Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan –
Wednesday, March 30 through Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Springtime in Teo! This is the great Pyramid of the Sun – where the rising sun of awareness invites you to step into the Great Mystery – and to find there a reawakening of the agile feral capacities that are at the center of your being – the “gift” of you!

This place – Teotihuacan – is an ancient University of Spirit. It’s mysterious – it’s vibrantly alive, and designed to support the emergence of your profound resourcefulness, creative abilities, and unique giftedness. This journey is about you becoming an Artist of Spirit. And, the question is: can you take a week to totally re-vision, upgrade and re-energize your life?

Joining on our journey is teacher, healer, author and guide White Star. She is deeply informed, with a keen sense of humor, and a natural ability to see and support your direct experience and the emergence of your gifts. Also joining us is special guest Ben Carlman. As a companion of those traveling on our journey, Ben holds a space of presence, while providing energetic support facilitating the shifting fluidity of your energy patterns.

Journey cost is $1395 – that includes delicious meals, and private room lodging at our private estate – the Dreaming House. Also included is entry to the pyramids, our shuttle to and from the airport, and an optional day in Mexico City visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe and the world renowned Anthropological Museum. Cost does not include your airfare, wait staff tips, alcoholic beverages, or extra activities like a herbal sweat lodge or private healing sessions with one of our indigenous healers.

To register, contact our journey coordinator, Elaine Silver at (or) 845-536-6848. Elaine will help you arrange your travel plans to link with our pickup and return shuttles in Mexico City. She has forms, and information for you on every aspect of our journey. We take care of all the details so that your experience is safe and worry free.

This journey is being kept intimately small – please make a $250 deposit to reserve your space. Contact me – to make payment by check or with PayPal (with a small fee), or Venmo: @FrancisRico. We will confirm that our journey is on track by January 31, 2022. Deposits are 100% refundable.

Springtime In Peru –
October 24 through November 6, 2022