Springtime in Teotihuacan
Wednesday, April 10th through Tuesday, April 16, 2024
with an extension from Tuesday, April 16th through Friday, April 19

This is Teotihuacan Mexico, where the rising sun of awareness invites you to step into the Great Mystery, and to find there a reawakening of the agile feral capacities that are at the center of your being – the “gift” of you!

This place – Teotihuacan – is an ancient University of Spirit. It’s mysterious – it’s vibrantly alive, and designed to support the emergence of your profound resourcefulness, creative abilities, and unique giftedness. This journey is about you becoming an Artist of Spirit. And, the question is: can you take a week to totally re-vision, upgrade and re-energize your life?

Joining on our journey is teacher, healer, author and guide White Star. She is deeply informed, with a keen sense of humor, and a natural ability to see and support your direct experience and the emergence of your gifts.

Journey cost for the main program is $1395 for a shared room, and $1595 for a private room. The cost includes delicious meals and lodging at our private estate – the Dreaming House Included is entry to the pyramids, our shuttle to and from the airport, and an optional day in Mexico City visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe and the world renowned Anthropological Museum. Cost does NOT include your airfare, staff tips, alcoholic beverages, or extra activities like a herbal sweat lodge or private healing sessions with one of our indigenous healers.

Please find information on Extension costs and options below payment options.

To register, contact our journey coordinator, Elaine Silver at (or) 707-879-8291. Elaine will help you arrange your travel plans to link with our pickup and return shuttles in Mexico City. She has forms, and information for you on every aspect of our journey. We take care of all the details so that your experience is safe and worry free.

To reserve your space, please send a $250 deposit along with your completed application registration form to Elaine. Contact me at

Payment options:
By check: Contact me at
Or by PayPal: (add a 3% fee) pay to my email address:
Or by Venmo: (no fee attached) @FrancisRico

Deposits are 100% refundable, and/or transferable to other shamanzone journeys.

Information on Journey extension and options • Tuesday, April 16th through Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Teo extension offers three proposed day trips and an open day for you to make your own plans and explore Teo on your own, book a private session with Francis or visit Emily’s gallery/guesthouse.

Cholula and Puebla City for lunch.
The Great Pyramid of Cholula, also known as Tlachihualtepetl, is the largest archaeological pyramid in the world. Trip details: We leave after breakfast, return for a late comida or cena; 1 1/2 hr ride each way. Costs: $65 pp includes transport, guide, and entrance fee. Lunch is not included.

Atlantes of Tula, lunch in the Village of Tepotzotlan.
The Atlantean figures in Tula are hand-carved statues made from the available limestone, sandstone and volcanic rock. Trip details: Leave after breakfast, return for a late Comida or Cena. 1 1/2 hr. ride each way. Costs: $70 pp includes transport, guide and entrance fee. Lunch not included.

Tlaminca/Atzec Baths of Tetzcotzingo.
These imperial gardens displayed plant and animal specimens and for the cultivation of medicinal plants. The baths are dedicated to the rain god Tlaloc and held the energies of artistic expression, sensual gratification and a re-creation of paradise. Trip details: Leave after breakfast, return for Comida. 50 min ride each way. Costs: $60 pp includes transport and guide. Entrance is free. Lunch not included.

Free day for personal exploration
This is a open day for you to explore Teo on your own, book a private sessions with Francis and/or local healer, or make a (pre-arranged) visit to Emily’s gallery/guesthouse.

Teotihuacan is a Source of wisdom,
a University of the Spirit.
Join me, with a small band of open hearts, and experience healing and release from the chronic contraction of our “domesticated” Western civilization. Teo is a Source of multi-dimensional intelligence, healing, and evolutionary support.


The 2024 Applying Shamanism Program – through July 2024

Here is a foundational shamanic truth: the realm of magic and miracles is normal! Shamanic practices are not about going into a trance state, but rather, coming out of the trance state of chronic stress, distress, and disempowerment that we call normal reality. The Shamanzone community exists to support direct experiences of our innate agile, creative, resourceful, and responsive “feral” selves. Together we support the emergence of the wildly unique gifts that each of us bring to life.

You are invited to participate, and to experience applying shamanism to your life – applying the practical energetics of flowing energy – applying practical magic!

At the top of this home page, you’ll find links to services, private sessions, community offerings, shared celebrations and living ceremonies, as well as adventures and journeys into the Mystery in places like Teotihuacan Mexico. Our next Journey November 2023.(link)

The Applying Shamanism Program for 2024 includes different levels of participation, however, you will experience profound benefit from joining in at any level, learn more. Please check it out and experience how shamanic experiences and practices can enrich your life!

Send me an email to join our community mailing list, to experience practical magic for yourself:

Applying Shamanism 2024