Special Upcoming Applying Shamanism 2023 Gathering
A Vison Walk with Brandt Morgan
Sunday, April 30, 2023 at 11:00pm PST

Use this link 5 minutes in advance of our meeting:
Meeting ID: 576 058 0392 – Pass code: 3380199

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11:00pm PST / 12:00pm Mountain / 1:00pm Central / 2:00pm East / 7:00pm England

A Vision Walk with Brandt Morgan

Brandt Morgan invites you to join him on Sunday, April 30th at 11:00am PDT for an amazing experience – a Vision Walk – that will answer your most burning questions about life, love, work, or whatever! The short three minute video (below) is your invitation to learn more about this amazing experience!

For more information about Brandt and his work please visit Here you will find tools for living your dream, including his highly recommended newly updated book Vision Walk. And, a free meditation to download that will prepare you for the Vision Walk.

Be sure to note this free event in your day planner/calendar. Brandt offers an interactive experience that should not be missed. He reveals resources that will illuminate and benefit your life! The Zoom link will be posted on Brandt’s web site and on a week ahead of the Vision Walk.

Contact if you would like to be put on our special VIP contact list.

Here’s is a short invitational video to the Vision Walk program from Brandt:

A longer seven-minute version, which delves a little deeper, can be found here:

Brandt’s book Vision Walk can be ordered through his website.
It is something that you will treasure for your whole life.


The 2023 Applying Shamanism Program – through July 2023

This year’s Applying Shamanism Program is operating on “shamanic time,” — a spiraling vortex, which is NOT linear. Which means that Applying Shamanism starts for you when you start! So, you are invited to participate NOW, whenever NOW is for you. All materials and video recordings will be available to you, when you are ready to begin. This program will run through July 2023.

This course includes bi-weekly class meetings, a comprehensive guidebook and an opportunity to participate at various membership levels. JAGUAR memberships are an accessible and affordable option for all feral friends. EAGLE and RAVEN memberships are for those wild ones pursuing more intensive programs & assignments. These levels are more costly and involve commitment and accountability.

Memberships details and benefits

I invite long time friends and new acquaintances to participate in this course, and to sign up and join the community. All are welcome. And, I encourage you to invite your friends, your family and anyone else you feel would benefit from recovering their agile, creative, responsive and resourceful selves!

Please email me for more information or send your questions and concerns to me at:

Teotihuacan is a Source of wisdom,
a University of the Spirit.
Join me, with a small band of open hearts, and experience healing and release from the chronic contraction of our “domesticated” Western civilization. Teo is a Source of multi-dimensional intelligence, healing, and evolutionary support.

Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan –
Wednesday April 12th thru Tuesday April 18th
with an extension from the 18th thru Friday April 21st

This is Teotihuacan Mexico, where the rising sun of awareness invites you to step into the Great Mystery, and to find there a reawakening of the agile feral capacities that are at the center of your being – the “gift” of you!

This place – Teotihuacan – is an ancient University of Spirit. It’s mysterious – it’s vibrantly alive, and designed to support the emergence of your profound resourcefulness, creative abilities, and unique giftedness. This journey is about you becoming an Artist of Spirit. And, the question is: can you take a week to totally re-vision, upgrade and re-energize your life?

Joining on our journey is teacher, healer, author and guide White Star. She is deeply informed, with a keen sense of humor, and a natural ability to see and support your direct experience and the emergence of your gifts. Also joining us is special guest Ben Carlman. As a companion of those traveling on our journey, Ben holds a space of presence, while providing energetic support facilitating the shifting fluidity of your energy patterns.

Journey cost for the main program is $1295 for a shared room, and $1495 for a private room. The cost includes delicious meals and lodging at our private estate – the Dreaming House. Extension options are an additional $550 to $650 depending on specifics. Please consult with Francis. Also included is entry to the pyramids, our shuttle to and from the airport, and an optional day in Mexico City visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe and the world renowned Anthropological Museum. Cost does NOT include your airfare, wait staff tips, alcoholic beverages, or extra activities like a herbal sweat lodge or private healing sessions with one of our indigenous healers.

To register, contact our journey coordinator, Elaine Silver at (or) 707-879-8291. Elaine will help you arrange your travel plans to link with our pickup and return shuttles in Mexico City. She has forms, and information for you on every aspect of our journey. We take care of all the details so that your experience is safe and worry free.

To reserve your space, please send a $250 deposit along with your completed application registration form to Elaine.
Contact me at

Payment options:
By check: Contact me at
Or by PayPal: (add a 3% fee) pay to my email address:
Or by Venmo: (no fee attached) @FrancisRico

Deposits are 100% refundable, and/or transferable to other shamanzone journeys.

If you want a “slide-show” feel for the Teo experience?? Go to
Also, you can view a recent gathering of our Teo tribe here: The first half-hour of this video is remembrance of our experiences in Teo. After this, people share how Teo’s influence is operating in their lives, which is both touching and informative. Check it out if you have the time.