Applying Shamanism Program

Quetzalpetlatl by Emily Grieves

Applying Shamanism 2024

The Applying Shamanism program begins energetically with the December Solstice and continues through the June Solstice. Our calendar is linked to full and new moons, beginning in January, and concluding in July.
If you’re sensing that there is a completely different timetable at work, you’re right! We’re talking “shaman time!”

Over the past 12 years of offering this program, a community has developed – that can most accurately be described as comprised of “feral friends!.” Feral in the sense that we have found and tapped into our original wild undomesticated selves – the authentic original giftedness that we came into life with. And this is possible for you too!

In past years, after the core program offering shamanic traditions, resources and practices concludes in July, we take the month of August off. Then, September thru December is a time of integration and practice.
This year, we’re celebrating our extended community – lovers of Teotihuacan and Toltec wisdom traditions – with monthly Zoom video broadcasts of “Artists of Spirit” live from the Dreaming House – showcasing the visual art, poetry, music, visionary commentary and magic of our extended community. The program schedule will be emailed and posted here on

Coming to here and now, we’re moving into a new world. The old structures, no matter how well-intentioned or previously successful, are falling away. “Spiritual practices” which used to support the unfolding and flowering of people’s giftedness are being rendered obsolete.We’re deep in the flow of this evolutionary moment of life advocating for life – while simultaneously, we’re facing overwhelming challenges brought on by the trance induction system of exploitation, enslavement, predatory abuse and co-option that we call “normal reality” on our planet.

Becoming effective at creating solutions and finding resources that benefit life has become an urgent priority – that we address by supporting your emergence, your flowering. As always, old friends and new acquaintances are invited to participate in everything!

Contact me for info on courses and journeys.
Everyone is welcome – family, friends, and anyone who would benefit from recovering their wildly agile, creative, responsive and resourceful selves!

Please email me for more information, or send your questions and concerns to:
Specific program details for Applying shamanism 2024 will be posted soon.

Applying Shamanism:
Special Feral Friends Community Short Courses

We will also be offering special Intensive Short Courses with community members. These programs will feature fellow Feral Friends who have become skillfully adept at creating beneficial outcomes utilizing practical magic, healing practices and a range of shamanic modalities. She the list below to get and idea of this year’s course offerings.

Jen Freeman – QiGong videos for your weekly practice.
Elaine Silver – The magic of the mobius strip. You’ll never see anything the same!
Barbara Novak – “Play” Playing with the Mesa for transformation of problems into circumstances.
Ben Carlman – True-self liberation meditation practice. 
Abby Leach – What’s arising? What’s “up” for you? Abby guides shared explorations of what’s going on!
Shelley Tatelbaum – The realities of grief, including resources. Deep and necessary inquiry.
White Star – Insight into creature connections, power animals are waiting for you to notice them! 
Alberto Hernandez – Nahuatl mythology. Alberto is the “dreamer” of the Dreaming House in Teotihuacan.
Onye Onyemeachi – Drumming out of the trance. Nigerian Drum Master takes us on a journey into transparency.