Applying Shamanism 2024 Program

Quetzalpetlatl by Emily Grieves

Applying Shamanism Here & Now with Francis Rico
Sunday, March 24th, 2024 at 11:00am PDT

Use this link 5 minutes in advance of our meeting:
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11:00am PDT / 12:00 Noon Mountain / 1:00pm Central & Mexico / 2:00pm East / 6:00pm England


We’re getting together on Sunday March 24, the full moon is the 25th. Our topic is absolutely practical applications of shamanic “secrets” that shift “reality” – and jeeze, for goodness sakes – why do we have to speak in code language for entering the realm of magic and miracles that is our NORMAL domain?

While it may feel like we’re approaching “free fall” we are actually adept artists – catchers and riders of the waves that Creation is now gifting to us.

So let’s include an Equinox report. What did you do? How did it feel? What did you see? Realize? Experience? Bring with you into “now”?


Applying Shamanism 2024

We’re at an evolutionary turning point. We all know it!

For 12 years, the Applying Shamanism course has focused on the fundamentals of applying shamanism to support you in emerging out of the contracted and dis-empowered trance state of “ordinary reality”– and into the agile, creative, resourceful, and responsive giftedness that is the truth of who you are.

Applying Shamanism Here and Now is a completely different response to this moment than anything I’ve offered in the past.

This year we’re focusing on applying shamanism to the immediate concerns and challenges that confront us – by directly accessing the wildly alive states in which magic and miracles are normal – and necessary!

Twice a month, on the new and full moons, I’ll share directly relevant tools, practices, and resources from the deep well of Source wisdom – with immediately useable interactive support for whatever you’re facing.

It’s still necessary to have a basic introduction to shamanism for someone entering this field for the first time. So, an optional comprehensive course with 12 teaching videos and a linked written playbook – Foundations of Applying Shamanism – will be available mid-February.

We’re all deep in the flow of this evolutionary moment of life advocating for life – while simultaneously facing overwhelming challenges brought on by the trance induction system of exploitation, enslavement, predatory abuse, and co-option that we call “normal reality” on our planet.

Coming to here and now: old structures, no matter how well-intentioned or previously successful, are falling away. And “spiritual practices” which used to support people are no longer relevant and are becoming obsolete.

Becoming effective at creating solutions and finding resources that benefit life has become an urgent priority – that we’ll address by supporting your emergence, and by supporting the evolutionary flowering of who you are.

If you enjoy being in touch, but don’t have time to participate, you’ll always be included in our Feral Friends Community that has evolved and grown over the past 12 years. I’m happy to include you in a monthly “energetic tune-up” – as well as invite you to enjoy “Artists of Spirit” – our monthly live broadcast from the Dreaming House in Teotihuacan Mexico. Plus, you’ll receive information and invitations to events and journeys to Teotihuacan.

The New Program for 2024

Applying Shamanism Here and Now is interactive real-time support for better strategies for dealing with the complex challenges that face us. We meet twice a month for deep dives into Source based shamanic practices – cultivating creative responses to challenges, and finding the resources needed to transform problems into circumstances that can be reshaped in creative life affirming ways.

Along with our meetings, members have direct access to me via email for specific problem solving, which members of our community will also participate in. Membership also includes discounts on books and materials, shamanic “power-tools” – and on journeys to Teotihuacan and to other events.

Membership cost for the first half of this year – late January thru late July – is $222.00.
Monthly payments are fine too – $37.00 a month, beginning late January.

The optional comprehensive course – Foundations of Applying Shamanism – will be available mid-February. It includes 12 teaching videos and a linked written playbook. This course is perfect for those new to shamanism, and for anyone wanting to review foundational materials and practices.

Cost for the Foundations of Applying Shamanism video and playbook course (available in mid-February) is $222.00.

Contact me! I’m right here at

Everyone is welcome – I’d love to see you – and your family, friends, and anyone you share this with who would benefit from recovering their wildly agile, creative, responsive, and resourceful selves! Please email me – send your questions and concerns to:

With love and feral blessings

Francis Rico

Please confirm registration with Francis via email at

Payment Options
By Check: Please mail payment/check to Francis Rico, 970 Phillips Ave, Petaluma, CA 94952
PayPal: (add 3%)
Venmo: @FrancisRico (no fee)

Applying Shamanism 2024

Applying Shamanism Here & Now – Schedule for 2024

Sunday, January 21 – 11:00am PST – Introduction

Sunday, February 11 – 11:00am PST – Shamanism Here & Now
hursday, February 15 – 4:00pm PST – Abby Leach w/What’s Arising
Saturday, February 15 – at 1:00pm PST – Artists of Spirit – Live from Dreaming House
Sunday, February 25 – 11:00am PST – Shamanism Here & Now

Sunday, March 10 – 11:00am PDT – Shamanism here & Now
Saturday, March 16 – 1:00pm PDT Artists of Spirit – Live from Dreaming House
Tuesday, March 19 – 8:06pm PDT Equinox
Sunday, March 24 – 11:00am PDT – Shamanism Here & Now

Sunday, April 7- 11:00am PDT – Shamanism Here & Now
Teotihuacan April 10 through 16 – Extension thru 20th
Sunday, April 14 – 3:00pm PDT – Artists of Spirit Live from Dreaming House

*May, June, and July Schedules will be posted in early April.

Applying Shamanism:
Special Feral Friends Community Short Courses

We will also be offering special Intensive Short Courses with community members. These programs will feature fellow Feral Friends who have become skillfully adept at creating beneficial outcomes utilizing practical magic, healing practices and a range of shamanic modalities. She the list below to get and idea of this year’s course offerings.

Jen Freeman – QiGong videos for your weekly practice.
Elaine Silver – The magic of the mobius strip. You’ll never see anything the same!
Barbara Novak – “Play” Playing with the Mesa for transformation of problems into circumstances.
Ben Carlman – True-self liberation meditation practice. 
Abby Leach – What’s arising? What’s “up” for you? Abby guides shared explorations of what’s going on!
Shelley Tatelbaum – The realities of grief, including resources. Deep and necessary inquiry.
White Star – Insight into creature connections, power animals are waiting for you to notice them! 
Alberto Hernandez – Nahuatl mythology. Alberto is the “dreamer” of the Dreaming House in Teotihuacan.
Onye Onyemeachi – Drumming out of the trance. Nigerian Drum Master takes us on a journey into transparency.


by Emily Grieves,

This portrait of Quetalpetlatl, by Emily Grieves is remarkably energetically powerful. It IS the presence of the magic and mystery of Teotihuacan. You may order a giclee of this painting from Emily ( as a connection to include in your life and home.