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Francis Rico –  Healing Strategies for Modern Times (Listen)

The words we use matter. When most people think of the word shaman they picture a bare-chested man wearing feathers and leather moccasins moving around a blazing fire performing incantations and strange rituals. Well, at least that’s what I thought a shaman once meant.

Actually shaman is a term for vibrational arc or having the ability to see things others might not. And the truth is that anyone can be a shaman and learn how to better understand and cope with the world around us. In this episode of Dream Power Radio we talk about shamanism in today’s times with Francis Rico, a modern day shaman who’s taught about indigenous practices for years and has written about them in the books A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty and the upcoming Becoming Feral. In this lively conversation Francis tells us:
• how anyone can be a shaman and why you’d want to be one
• enlightenment is easier than you think
• a surefire way to deal with stress
• about the ability to handle what really bugs you with grace and compassion
• the spiritual journey you won’t want to miss

If you’re looking for new ways to look deeper within yourself,  don’t miss this revealing episode of Dream Power Radio.

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