Author: Francis

Autumnal Equinox Blessing and Gift!

The Autumnal Equinox arrives here on the West Coast of California at 1:21 AM on Wednesday September 23rd, 2015. 

We used to think of Solstices and Equinoxes as markers in our circle around the sun – with the longest day, the longest night, and points of equal balance between light and dark in between.

Round and round and round we went.

And even though, since the Winter Solstice of 2012, we’ve been catapulted into a new dimension, where we continue to have the opportunity to co-create a totally new world, we’re still going round and round in our lives.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You are attempting to balance the all consuming needs of work, with it’s obligations and deadlines, with the demands of family, and pets, and keeping bills paid and leaking faucets fixed – while attempting some level of quality nutrition and self-care, along with exercise to stay healthy, including a spiritual practice of some sort, and somehow, on top of all this, you long for a little fun – for at least an element of creativity, of music, dance, art, and beauty in your life.

Okay – it’s true. So, how do we create a balanced life?

Here’s the shocking answer:

It’s impossible!

It is our understanding of “balance” that has been askew.  As long as we think that our job is to somehow manage to “carry” the demands and burdens of our lives – and on top of that to balance the heavy load – we will continue to struggle.

Happily, Creation is bringing us a special gift with this coming Equinox – it is an opportunity to experience an ancient and very different definition of balance:  harmony.

To experience harmony it will first be necessary for us to stop going in circles. And then, second, it will be necessary for us to set our burdens down!

Let’s start by recognizing that in reality, we are not going in circles.

We are spiraling around our sun.  And, our solar system is spiraling around our galactic center – and our galaxy is spiraling with other galaxies, within the expanding cosmos.

Even our DNA is a spiral!  And we are at the center of the spiral.

So, in truth, we’re not precariously balanced standing at the edge of a precipice.  We are standing smack-dab in the center of a field of infinite possibilities – as artists of spirit, capable of bringing harmony to every aspect of our lives, by flowing with the beauty to be found in each moment.

Here, we discover that there has always been a love affair between light and dark, with each cherishing and embracing the other, each loving each precious moment of reunion – in harmony with each other.

This harmony is at the center of the cosmic choir of life.  And finding this harmony completely re-tunes our capacity to harmonize the circumstances of our lives.

Here’s the gift: gather with friends and family in as wild and beautiful a place as you can find.  And yes, your back yard is just fine!

After talking things over, move together into silence, and in the deep silence, take a step into alignment with the harmonies of Creation – these are the harmonies to be found in your own heart, harmonies that sing out pure and sweet from within the deep presence of Being.

With wild blessings and love!

Francis Rico