Celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe Program Replay

Our Lady of Unfolding Blessings by Emily Grieves

Our Lady of Unfolding Blessings
by Emily Grieves
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Celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe

Sunday, December 11th and Monday, December 12th
Program Replays

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Join Francis Rico and Li-lan Hsiang Weiss for the celebration.
Share history and the true story of the Lady of Guadalupe and Her intercession. Which, includes the indigenous people’s deeper, less-known story of struggle and desperation. And, how their sorrow and prayers were answered by a Sacred Presence – Tonantzin – Our Lady of Light. Come and celebrate her Holy Day with a joy. This is a two part event.

On Sunday, December 11th, Francis shared the deep indigenous story of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Tonantzin – Our Lady of Light.
This 90-minute gathering includes a welcome and meditation message for our times with Li-lan. It provides an opportunity to get a sense of the bigger picture, and to experience the blessings of this miracle that continue even today – as we are faced with multiple over-lapping emergencies that threaten to devastate life as we know it, just like the indigenous population in Central Mexico in 1531, at the time of her arrival.


On Monday, December 12, Li-lan, Francis and the community gathered to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe – Tonantzin – Our Lady of Light’s Holy Day!
This celebration is sweet, silly, fun, deep, touching, real, evocative, everything a celebration can be, not a tied down ritual. We share Her story, and the opportunity we have for a intimate and profound relationship with Te Coatlaxopeuh – “She who emerges from the region of light like an Eagle of Fire.” 

With prayers, blessing, a poem from Xochitl, a song from White Star, a visit with Rosa, and videos of celebrations from Lilan’s community in N. Carolina, we enjoy time and life together in our global community. There is a special meditation/prayer at the end of this gathering with Francis playing Ave Maria…. you will enjoy this, and you will even touch the mystery, the miracle of Her Presence.


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