Okay – we’re here – it’s 2018

And the destructive insanity at work in our world today has brought us to the brink. In our hearts we all know it. This is it.

This is the turning point for those of us who choose to love and care for life – for all of life.

All traditions have pointed to this time, as the big transition – and we’ve all been hoping that we’re entering a new golden age – the “Age of Aquarius” – the next “Yuga” – the “Awakening” – really, whatever you call it, it has been anticipated and prayed for!

The vision of a new golden age has always been at it’s core about inspiration informing us and our world – with a big blast of freshness from the center of life itself, bringing profound relief from the exhausted out-breath of our current condition of extreme concern, alarm, and outrage at the predatory exploitation of life on Earth.

We all know the story, and continual reaction and resistance to each destructive incident that is occurring has not gotten us anywhere. It’s like dancing with a bulldozer, right?  It’s a fight we can’t win, because it’s a fight. And because it’s a freaking bulldozer!

There is another way. There is a way that calls on our creative agility and our joy. There is a way that calls on the innate intelligence of creation found deep within us.

And this is what’s needed – the gift of a deep in-breath of Spirit – an inspiration – that refreshes and renews our capacity to respond in life affirming ways to the damage and distress caused by the powerful predatory exploitive systems that have ruled our world.

It’s always been a possibility. But now, it is a necessity – a response from life itself to a cry for help.

If you choose to accept this possibility, you will be completely lifted out of the limitations of the grinding self-referencing circular logic and tired metaphors that our “thinking” minds superimpose on “reality.”

To step into this new life affirming way, quite simply, you have to be present to it.

Let’s gather together in this time of darkness:  we’ll open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds to this incoming flow of love and sparkling radiant Presence.

Together, we’ll open our gates of perception – to shift our focus beyond external current events, and the continuing not-so-slow-motion train wreck of distress, destruction, and progressive life extinction on our planet.

Let’s support each other in allowing ourselves to take this cosmic  in-breath – that brings with it vibrantly creative and compassionate responses to everything that concerns us.

And, why not make life a celebration?

Rather than the sad and ineffective reactive fear-based strategies of despair, we will open together to the deep harmonies of Creation evolving in Awareness within us – and we’ll enjoy doing it!

Acting from love for life, and responding to our concerns from our joy and gratitude for existence, is the path to creating the caring, cooperative, collaborative and compassionate world we know is possible – bringing in a golden age now, when we need it the most.

It starts with you, and grows to include your family and friends – and your community – and our whole world. Thank you!

With love,
Francis Rico