Joseph Rael… his gift to you…

When Joseph was just a boy, he was given the name Tslew-teh-koyeh.

The image contained within his name is that of a beautiful double rainbow – an image of illumination shot like an arrow from Great Spirit to our world, and then from our world, sent arcing vibrantly back to Spirit.

Translated from Tiwa into English, his name is Beautiful Painted Arrow – and hehas fulfilled the prophecy contained in his name, by transcending the indigenous wisdom traditions he emerged from – becoming a global mystic and cosmic visionary – a true universal being.

These videos – Joseph’s gift – a vision of the opportunity that is now present for us – are the first four in a series of seven short highlights from a feature film about Joseph Rael that will be released this coming Spring.

Joseph’s message is so profoundly encouraging that we couldn’t wait, and simply had to share it NOW – when it is most needed by all of us. The Gift…

 Introduction – how on earth do we communicate the multi-dimensionality of a medicine man who has transcended his native traditions and has become a Cosmic being?

Indigenous Holy Man Sets War God Free the Creator gave Joseph a mission – to find the War God, lost between worlds, and to help him to go home. In our globally interconnected world, the old God of “tribalism” is obsolete and no longer helpful. Lost and confused, and still causing trouble, the War God has waited to be seen and recognized for his service – Joseph sees with Love, liberating the War God, and then buries the Tomahawk.

The Visionary Art of Joseph Rael – Joseph drawings and paintings are Generators of Light – and like the ancient language he speaks – Tiwa – his art is profoundly multi-dimensional. Joseph’s encouraging story of our evolution, as a journey through many worlds, also describes our potential movement towards awakening in every moment.

Creating a New World – here is a rare glimpse of the process of co-creation in action, as Joseph sings a new world of beauty into being – an entire shamanic apprenticeship is contained within this short video.

The Dance “The Dance” is the 5th video in a 7 part series – a gift from one of our deepest wells of inspiration — Picaris-Ute elder, mystic, and global visionary Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow. In this video, Joseph offers an invocation to Great Spirit and takes us into a dance of the Sacred – a profoundly encouraging blessing that we couldn’t wait to share with you.