Francis Rico: the adventure of a Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan

Welcome to Teotihuacan! I’m standing here on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun – and you’re seeing the Pyramid of the Moon in the background. These pyramids originated as small markers above unusual clover leaf shaped caves – caves that emanated a special healing energy – that was utilized by the medicine people and shamans of the region many thousands of years ago.

From Teo’s origins as a place of healing, it grew to become a educational/cultural center – essentially a University – teaching healing, along with practical arts and sciences.

We call Teo a University of Spirit because from the beginning a reverence for life, for the Sacred, and for the Great Mystery, was taught alongside of practical things like pottery and glazing, fabric weaving, astronomy, seed conservation, and intensive farming techniques – the list of modalities taught goes from herbalism and bone-setting to psychology, from an universal sigh language, to practical construction techniques, including hydraulics and water systems.

Our journey’s interest in Teo is in the original energies that everything was built on – we utilize these fields of energy in ways that grow and expand our own abilities and connectedness with our potential – the vibrant potential of Creation – our collaborating, cooperating and celebrating life with Creation, for the mutual benefit of all beings.

It is a particularly Western notion that Creation is dead and inert, and that we are (barely) alive. In the old days, the old wisdom traditions, it was taught that all of creation is alive, and that creation’s innate intelligence flows through every aspect of the manifest world – from rocks to birds, to clouds, animals, plants, the flow of water – the flow of our lives.

This is the Pyramid of the Sun – yes, that’s me in the shorts and white shirt walking towards the temple platform in front of the Sun Pyramid. As a tourist, you can just climb up the steps and enjoy the view. But with the progressive preparation that is the heart of our journey, we climb the Pyramid to reach the upwelling “black light” flowing mysterious energy that propels one into a new world of expansive possibilities.

This is the Pyramid of the Moon – it is one of the wonders of the world – in the foreground is a temple that is considered the launching pad of our multi-dimensional selves – a place where we are spoken by the energies of Teotihuacan into radiant being. Language fails to describe this experience – it is a place of immense vibrational possibility for our lives to become expansive.

This is a Quetzalcoatl – an image of the “flying serpent” that is the avatar of Teotihuacan. In the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl we discover how we are organized energetically – and to begin moving freely in the energy fields of Teo, we learn to release our tight grip on our attachments – to the things that we think and believe keep us “safe.”

The flowing energies of Teo are being called “dark energy” and “dark matter” by leading edge astrophysics – in our old traditions we call this energy “black light” – whatever you call it, it is the radiantly iridescent upwelling and waterfalling cascade of expansive life affirming energy. This realm is where having shamanic support – and learning to access the tremendous power of this flow of energy – is very helpful.

This is the secret in plain view. And we learn to become flexible – to be right here in the present moment, and in an instant, to be able to access our resourceful and creative mojo – to create magic and miracles. To create “heaven” on earth.

And speaking of flexible – it really helps to have a refuge – a place of comfort, of peace and quiet, and beauty – and we have that in Teotihuacan – it is called the “Dreaming House” – a private estate created by our family in Teo – Alberto and Veronica Hernandez and their children, along with my visionary compadre Lee McCormick.

It’s a family affair! We do have private rooms – but to help keep expenses on the journey to a minimum, “cost” is based on shared rooms. There is so much room and privacy available on the grounds that sharing a room is actually fun. But both options are available.

We have our own kitchen, and we are very careful with food. Meals are created from Veronica’s delicious authentic family recipes. Everything is super clean – you can eat salads and veggies without concern. We can accommodate all sorts of dietary needs – you will be well taken care of.

Everything is done family style – you will feel right at home!

There are treats of fresh mango, papaya, pineapple – as well as late night snacks – no one goes hungry – with a big breakfast, the main meal of the day in the late afternoon – called “comida” – and finally a late snack that is essentially another small dinner – it’s a routine that you quickly fall in love with.

Along with our journey in Teotihuacan, we take a day to visit the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe – she is not a Catholic, but rather is an answer to the prayers of the indigenous people for deliverance from oppression and destruction – she is the Great Mother’s emissary – and greatly revered by everyone. We visit her Basilica – the site of many miracles – and beneath the surface of the “Catholic story” of her presence is another reality – one that will illuminate your life.

This (below) is a painting created by Emily Grieves – Alberto’s son Victor’s wife – at the Dreaming House –in a special room dedicated to Her presence – it’s called “the Mother’s Room” – you will enjoy hearing the story of how Emily’s art brought her into the heart of the family.

We’ll also visit the Anthropological Museum in Mexico City – and have lunch at their restaurant. You will simply have your mind blown by the vast scope of profoundly beautiful ancient statues, artifacts, and ancient toys, masks, tools, garments and things of all types – from all over ancient Mexico. We spend our first couple of hours in the Teotihuacan exhibit – and it is a deeply informative experience.

Back in Teo – our adventure deepens day by day. Each night we meet to share our experiences and review our “work.” On our last day in Teo we visit the “House of the Eagles” – Tetitla – a place of profound energetic healing, that prepares us for our climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

There is a deep sense of being guided by an ancient but ever-new intelligence – a feeling of life’s love for life that is central to our journey.

Your shamanic practices will take on a new capacity to open portals of illumination, of joy – of the ability to direct healing energies, of the ability to share compassionate and encouraging concern in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Please feel free to contact me at for more information on the wisdom traditions and history of Teotihuacan – and I look forward to our enjoyment of this adventure together.

Oh – a practical note about flying into Mexico City: it is a huge bustling airport, and even bigger city. When you fly in, we will meet you at the airport and whisk you home to the Dreaming House in Teotihuacan.

The best case is when you’ve scheduled your flights to coincide with our shuttle – Elaine can help you with this. (her info is below on our poster).

But whenever you come in, we arrange to have you met – we send one of our community’s cabs to get you– it costs extra, but if it makes it convenient for you, it’s worth it.

We all take the shuttle back to the airport at the end of our stay. Shuttles to and from the airport are included, however, cabs to accommodate your unique travel needs are an additional expense to you.

Your comfort and safety are our primary concern, and we do everything to make your travel experience a good one.