Solstice Ceremony & Celebration

Dear friends –

This coming Solstice occurs on Saturday June 20th at 2:44pm PDT – please make adjustments for your time zone.

Those of you who have enjoyed my Solstice and Equinox messages over the past 30 years know that I love Astrophysics – and that I also share a vision of the deep energetic flows of opportunity and benefit that are the gifts these special moments bring to us.

And, if this is the first message from me that you’ve read – welcome! You’re just in time! Thank you in advance for being willing to stand in beauty at the edge of the mystery.

Over the past few years something new and all encompassing has been progressively influencing our world. We’ve seen the obsolescence and dissolution of the stories, structures, systems, and archetypes that once held coherence for our species. Our “old world” is ending, while a new world is being born.

One example: our understanding of what we called a “Summer” or “Winter” Solstice has evolved – we’ve discovered that these are global moments of our relationship not only to our sun, but with our planet and our solar system’s relationship to the center of our galaxy.

Recently we’ve seen increasing coherent radiant waves of light and energy pulsing from the Great Sun at the heart of our galaxy – now having an undeniable influence on life on our planet – like beautifully formed large waves rolling in and breaking across the shores of our solar system.

And as the structures of exploitation of life that have been the foundation of our “civilization” have been steadily collapsing, we’re recognizing that a state of over-lapping multiple global emergencies is compelling each of us to emerge – right here and now – bringing our unique and essential gifts to life at this time of great urgency.

These sparkling radiant waves of Creation’s innate life affirming intelligence are amplifying movement and flow in every direction and dimension. And the gift of this present moment is your agile responsive and resourceful movement – towards love without fear, towards connection with Source without compromise, towards respectful reciprocal relationships without exploitation – and this movement is the beginning of a trophic cascade that will reshape every aspect of life on our planet.

So – the gift of this Solstice is you.

YOU coming present is the Vast Self’s great love of life for life. YOU are the gift – collaborating and co-creating benefit for all – by caring, by cooperating, by bringing kindness and compassion to the restoration of wellness to all of life on our planet.

You are love in action. You are catching waves of your own totality.

If this is new to you, I’ve included a few encouraging words below to support your Solstice Ceremony and Celebration experience..

For the rest of us: This is a “Do-It-Yourself “ Solstice!

Create a simple living ceremony and celebration with your family and friends. Outdoors is good! Wilderness is good! Your backyard qualifies! If you’re alone, you’re with all of us.
Express gratitude, include everyone, and allow the deep quiet of the Mystery to embrace you – arriving at the place of deep alignment with Life itself that flows within all that is. Catch that wave!

with feral blessings, and love
Francis Rico

Yes – we are in challenging times – so included here are a few simple truths:

• We are light based beings! Connect to the light within you! There is profound intelligence and resourcefulness at the radiant center of your life!

• Radical self-care is the foundation for our capacity to care for life. We can only care for life to the extent that we have cared for ourselves.

• Everything is possible in the present moment. Our unique essential gifts to life become present when we do! We have become inclusive of the best of every modality, allowing our differences to make us all more creative.

• You are not alone – we’re all in this together! We gather in community to become stronger and more resourceful together.

• In the face of exploitation and abuse, we are ferocious in our concern and care for the well being of life.

• In the face of chaos and catastrophe, we share a mysterious deep peace that brings us all together.

• There is no “us” and “them.” But there is an absolute “no more!”

• Not just for the Solstice, but at every opportunity, create gentle living ceremony – blessing each moment, blessing life, family, friends, community.

• Include everyone – present and not present, seen and not seen. And always find a way to allow a moment of quiet receptivity to be shared.

• In your own inner silence, you’ll find the Light that is your true nature.

• It is here, now – our response to our global emergency is for each of us to emerge as the essential gift that we are!