Our Equinox Blessing – Spring 2023

Let’s welcome this opportunity to share in the deep harmony of being, on Monday March 20th at 2:24pm PDT. And, let’s get right to it! “Harmony” is coherence. Since harmony is coherent energy, and because you are a wave of energy, this is a beautiful moment to celebrate the harmony of life – of your life! In the big picture: waves of radiance are flowing into our solar system from the mysterious “Black Sun” and Fermi Mobius constellation at the center of our Galaxy. And, this Equinox is about much more than the relationship between the earth and our sun. It includes this long predicted moment of our planet’s movement directly into the Galactic flow.

OK – hold on! You’re right – everything is not coming up roses! We’re facing multiple overlapping global emergencies that are touching every aspect of our lives. Clearly, one world is dying as a new world is emerging. And, living in this time of transition is a challenge. It’s a challenge that is being amplified by the sheer energy contained in the galactic waves that are flowing through our here and now.

While it helps to know something about these big picture energetic influences we’re living in, ultimately, the actual creation of a new world comes down to you and me! Yes, you!

Celebrating this Equinox by aligning yourself with the great life affirming flow of harmony lifts you out of the centrifugal force field of our world’s three-ring circus of distraction, damage, and despair. And, celebrating moves you into a deep inner alignment with the flow of love and the sparkling innate intelligence of Creation! By aligning with Creation, we’re more easily able to open and access our gifts. We recover our agility, and our creativity ignites – along with our capacity to love and care. We increasingly collaborate, cooperate, and communicate!

Celebration is the right word for this!

Check this out for yourself. The very same irresistible flowing harmony emanating from Source that supports and amplifies our unique and essential gifts is exactly the same powerful energetic flow that is presently disintegrating the systems and structures of our “civilization.”

It’s true. The cultural, sociological, economic, political, religious, business, agricultural, educational, medical, psychological, astronomical, scientific, spiritual, philosophical and cosmological systems and structures that have governed our world are failing from within, failing from their core lack of integrity. It’s heart breaking. We see that the creatures that we share life with, and the oceans and ecosystems that support life on our planet, have been exploited by these systems to the edge of existence.

And yet, though our broken hearts, the impossibly bright light of YES from the Vast Self shines through, illuminating our lives, and illuminating the challenges that face us.

For the moment, let’s keep it simple with four suggestions for creating harmony:

1. The key to creating a new world is your creative agility.
Instead of attempting to understand and control the increasing complexity of our world situation, allow yourself the simplicity of being Present, of being responsive and resourceful. Creative agility means not being afraid to pivot.

2. Listen to your heart.
For us to hear life’s harmony requires listening with a level of sensitivity that requires dedication and practice. In the most literal way, your heart IS the Great Heart at the center of life itself.

3. Take action.
If ever there was a time to stand up for life, this is it! Our response to the challenges and emergencies we face is to co-create a new “reality” from our hearts. Which, includes everything we’ve learned and yearned for, like peace, mutual respect, well-being for all, and abundance. Essentially, to live in a sane, compassionate, and collaborative world.

We are the ones capable of being love in action. And, this is the ultimate art of living. Experiment by blessing everyone and everything you encounter in your life. Let your foundation for love in action be to first bless this world.

4. Move into alignment.
In every situation, in every circumstance, move into alignment with the great life affirming flow of YES that is Creation evolving.You already know a number of ways to do this for yourself – and do note how practices that were once optional if you had time, are now absolutely essential.

For this Equinox, gather with family, friends and community to share the deep beauty of life.
The key to creating a living ceremony is: to have the ceremony lead up to becoming quiet and listening, allowing the YES within to emerge into the moment. You can let a ceremony move through you: by simply allowing for a recognition of the sacred that surrounds us, for the sacred that is us. Let yourself feel this deeply harmonious gift filling you with its vibrant luminosity. Being in a place of wild beauty supports this in-flow of inspiration. If you can be outside under the open sky for your ceremony, do it! Hey, your back yard qualifies! If you are by yourself, you are with us! The key is to celebrate! Enjoy the moment. This is the new world!

Here’s our bottom line: being in the world with love in our hearts, wild and free-spirited, is our most effective strategy for bringing healing and sanity to our world.

With love,

If you’re in the North Bay Area, you’re invited to join our tribe of feral celebrants on the sacred cliffs of the Bodega Headlands on Monday March 20th 2023. Be at the far cliff side parking lot at 1:30pm – to walk out to our special cliff. Bring layers – a little rain is possible and it can be windy. If you’re late, walk south (left, facing the ocean), for 15 minutes and you’ll find us. Bring something for the altar, herbs or flowers or whatever you would like to add for a blessing.