Catching Your Wave in 2022


Our experiences of life on planet Earth have recently been profoundly shaped by big waves of profoundly coherent harmony that are flowing across our solar system and planet from the heart of our galaxy. Unlike past “Solstice” and Equinox” moments of solar and galactic alignment, linear time no longer dictates the moment available for you to move into alignment with this flow, because in fact, you get a lot of latitude when dealing with ultimacy!

I can say with total confidence that you will find your wave, because the course of evolution of our species has brought us to this moment. The waves are here, and you are here too! And now, it’s your turn to step boldly into the flow of creating a new world here on Earth.

These same intense waves of coherent and harmonious uni-polar energy emanating from our Galactic Center that have been catalizing our awakening have been simultaneously disassembling the compromised structures and exploitive systems that have held our “civilization” together. Essentially, systems of predation, exploitation and domination have run their course, and have become obsolete. The state of our world reflects this collapse.

What isn’t obsolete is you!

What once sounded impossibly mystical – that “you are a cosmic being” is the practical reality of this moment. You are the Cosmic One – the Vast Self – and your inner neurological potential includes the earth, the sun, moon, planets, stars, our galaxy, the far flung galaxies of this universe, the multiverses, and beyond that into the totality of the Vast Self! So, you are as “far-in” as you are far-out!

Relax into this, OK? We’re just talking about the nature of nature, and this Solstice brings a uniquely evolving opportunity: your turn at the helm of Creation. OK, take a deep breath. When you come into sync with the great synchronicity that is Creation flowering, “struggle” and reactivity evaporate. You naturally become your innately gifted self, agile, feral, creative, resourceful and responsive to Life. Starting with your own!

Can you feel how both intimacy and ultimacy are deeply connected? And both are only possible with Presence – with entering fully into the present moment? Yes – the present moment is right here and right now.

Thanks to big cycles of time and space, we’re enjoying the profound energetic assistance of enormous waves of coherent harmony from the heart of our galaxy. Like good surfers, catching these waves of beauty and sparkling radiance makes the “art of spirit” – the art of living – easy!

Let’s get practical.

Surfers paddle out to a spot just outside of where the waves are breaking. For us, this would be the practices that bring us into alignment with flowing energies.

For really big waves, like we’re experiencing now, surfers get towed out by experienced water-men and water-women on jet skis. These highly skilled individuals position surfers in the optimal spots to catch and ride big waves.

For us, being in the right spot is the gift of “living ceremony”, where our shared intentions, and shared gifts support us together as we enter into alignment with the Holy, the Sacred, the Presence, the Big Flow.

Living Ceremony is not ritualistic. It’s whatever it takes in the moment to enter into the deep waters of the Vast Self. Pieces of practices, and traditional wisdom can be helpful, but the reality here is that this is about YOU. This moment is about you stepping into a new world.

It’s about you bringing your essential gifts to this time of multiple over-lapping emergencies on our planet – by emerging as the co-creative and loving gift you are. It’s about you including your family, friends, community and all of life here on Earth. This moment is about you allowing yourself the deep knowing in every fiber of your being that this is your turn.

This is your turn to speak, to create, to share love, kindness, caring and compassion, with respect for all beings we enjoy life with. This is your turn, your moment to take the life affirming step away from exploitation of life, to reciprocity, to communion and collaboration with life.

Yes, the time has arrived for you to directly experience the gift that you are – to catch the wave of your own beauty and Presence, and to become an artist of Spirit. You are the necessary gift of this moment. And here is an irresistibly amplified invitation from the heart of creation for you to BE here – this is your wave!

Yes? Do you hear the great YES from the center of our heart of hearts ringing in your ears? You are here – and alive!

This is all you! And this is your vast vortexing cosmic iridescently frothing multi-verse, with galaxies, “black holes”, super-novas, stars, planets, our sun, moon, earth, all in wild open space. All of it and all of us spiraling around our own whirling flowering of mountains, oceans, trees, the wind, bird songs, the dark beauty of elusive jaguars, of bright sun-lit butterflies, the sparkle of breaching whales, swift foam leaping dolphins, crazy little otters, high soaring eagles, squinty-eyed foxes, squawking raven families, rushing rivers, blazing desserts, sleepy dogs, laughing children, and us, all of us here with you – are you.

Yes! We’re all in this together. We co-create together. And for sure, we can celebrate together.

So whenever you gather with your beloveds, with family, with friends, with your community, it is a moment of living ceremony. Acknowledge the sacred. Notice that you stand on Holy Ground together. Listen into the deep silence from which all of this emerges. Like you, it’s indescribable, the gift of you is here!

Share the moment!
Life awakens to care for life!

With Love and Blessings
Francis Rico