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Want help deciding to make the Journey to Teotihuacan?

Something really remarkable happened on our last day in Teotihuacan, at a temple complex called Tetitla – the home of the Eagles – just before going to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

Lee McCormick and I had traveled for a number of days through the Mysterious Beauty of Teo with a remarkable tribe of beautifully opening people – people as varied in experience and background as it gets, but now, after the week in Teo,  our little tribe was sharing something essential to life itself.

What “happened” in Tetitla began as a little spark of gratitude – in a sunny little open air room – but instead of ending as one thing led to another, leaving a happy thankful feeling, it became more and more intense.  And even more intense.  And then it happened.

How to explain this in Kerplunk? (English.)

The Teo journey, leading up to this moment, had been energetically like a carefully prepared “bonfire” built with delicate fleeting moments and experiences as the kindling, and with our quiet moments and experiences of flashes of beauty as small and medium sticks,  and with the shared “AHA’s!” from our daily adventures, assisted by the magical intelligence of Teo as smaller logs.  All so perfectly assembled to create the wild rising vortex of life’s flaming love of life necessary to ignite the big dense log of so called “normal” reality.

And from that tiny little spark of gratitude, the bonfire of Being ignited, and we flew with wings spread catching the up-drafting illumination of this grateful Love, flying out of the limitations of embeddedness in this world, and into the wild blue yonder of many worlds, into the the universe, the multi-verse, and high into the totality of infinite cosmic breathing in and out of being, all while being totally Present. And laughing, dancing, whirling – ecstatic – really feeling and expressing joy.

You know – it occurs to me that we spend a great deal of time and effort in the frustrating and essentially fruitless effort to change our operating realities by lighting matches to the big dense log of the way things seem to be.

And match after match goes out.  And all we get for our effort is a slightly charred edge to the big dense log – with no light, no heat, no warmth and no ignition of anything other than the small pile of expended matches!

This is exactly why Teo is such a gift to us – because the work is not to focus on one aspect of our selves – the “match” – and call that our “work” – but rather it is for us to realign and reassemble ourselves into a flexible energetic form that is capable of ignition and illumination.

And ultimately, the gift of the “heart on fire” is a joyful life, full of magic and Love – a life we can be intensely grateful for, and that we can share with those we love, which begins to include everyone and everything.

Can you do this where you are right now?  Ultimately the answer to that question really must be an unconditional and unqualified YES!  Because there you are.

But you are not alone – we’re all in this together.  And, we can accept the gift of Teotihuacan – it is a living expression and embodiment of the deep innately intelligent wild-Heart of Creation.  This is the heart on fire that illuminates our lives and encourages our alignment with our own unique evolutionary growth – and its expression as the gift that we are, and the gift of this life that we have been given.  Your tribe is there for you, and so is fuel for your fire.