2020 Vision – The Way Forward

Welcome to life in a new world now being born – as an old world is dying! We’re no longer in linear time – we’re now in something flowing in a double spiral – with the momentum of past actions in our world intertwining with waves of incoming energy.

There is good news: we’ve moved into a direct alignment with the flowing energy and intelligence of the life affirming love of life for life that is simultaneously emanating from the central spiraling vortex at the heart of Creation and from our own deep hearts.

But also, now – right now – we’re seeing something that is undeniably true:
Life on our planet is in a state of emergency. Beyond the Covid19 crisis, and the economic hardships and devastation that it has brought, we have the looming multiple crises of nuclear weapons, nuclear energy disasters, and our world’s increasingly erratic and damaged eco-system.

It is important that we clearly see the insanity of the aberrant predators who have for their profit brought our planet to this desperate moment of life on earth in crisis.

But it is also essential that we include seeing the beauty of the unique gifts that each of us brings to life.

We’re at a tipping point.

We’re increasingly seeing the consequences of the ruthless exploitation of life – and yet, here in the midst of this catastrophe is a gift being offered to us of something mysteriously simple:

This emergency is calling us to emerge!
From deep within the primal flow of life itself comes this message:

Yes! There is a way for us to live loving, caring, and connected lives – lives that are worth celebrating!
There is a loving, uncompromised, fierce, agile, creative, and profoundly resourceful place within each of us!
Turn to it!

Ready or not – healed or not – cleaned up or not – awakened or not – enlightened or not – the time for our emergence is here!

Let’s share the simplest of truths:
We are light based beings! Connect to the light within you! there is profound intelligence and resourcefulness at the radiant core of your life!

Radical self-care is the foundation for our capacity to care for life. We can only care for life to the extent that we have cared for ourselves. Benign self-neglect combined with pain-numbing addictions and distractions are no longer an option.

Everything is possible in the present moment. Our unique essential gifts to life become present when we do! Let us become inclusive of the best of every modality, allowing our differences to make us all more creative.
You are not alone – we’re all in this together! We gather in community to become stronger and more resourceful together.
In the face of the madness we share love.
In the face of exploitation and abuse, we are ferocious in our concern and care for the well being of life.
In the face of destruction, we share a mysterious deep peace that brings us all together. There is no “us” and “them.” But there is an absolute “no more!”

At every opportunity create a gentle living ceremony that blesses the moment, blessing life, family, friends, community. Include everyone – present and not present, seen and not seen. And always find a way to allow a moment of quiet receptivity to be shared.

In your own inner silence, you can find the Light that is your true nature.
Our response to our global emergency is for each of us to emerge as the essential gift that we are!

With love and feral blessings,
Francis Rico
May 1, 2020