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An Equinox Blessing – March 20, 2022

Sunday March 20, at 8:33am PDT

Sunday March 20, at 8:33am is the Spring Equinox in our Northern Hemisphere, and it’s the Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. While every moment is alive with the gifts of life, somehow we know that something huge and mysterious is going on around here, and it’s happening now. And, something seems very very wrong. We’ll explore this, and we’ll get deeply personal in a minute, but first, let’s look at the big picture:

Our understanding of Equinoxes and Solstices has evolved. We held a very hemi-centric view that they mark the shifting our our seasons. For example, that this is the “Spring Equinox.” Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the “Fall Equinox.” But, here in the Northern Hemisphere we ignored that, especially at what we called the “Winter Solstice” we would say things like “the light is returning….”

True and untrue, right? Because, from a global point of view, we know the light has always been right here, and so has the dark.

Our next cosmological evolutionary awakening has been to recognize that while we are spiraling around our Sun, our entire solar system has a spiraling relationship with the great Mysterious Sun at the center of our Galaxy. All this cosmology comes together, as the long prophesied “new age” has actually arrived. We have just recently moved, on the spiral arm of our Galaxy, into an “open field” relationship with the center of our galaxy.

We are now experiencing direct contact with massive waves of energy emanating from our Great Central Sun, waves of multi-high frequency uni-polar energy. And, part of the energetic equation called “Fermi Bubbles,” extending 25,000 light years both above and below the central plane of our galaxy, are now being seen by our gamma-ray orbiting telescopes as an unbelievable flowing Mobius strip generating coherent energies, on a vertical axis, at the center of our galaxy. In other words, the energy waves emanating from the center of our galaxy that were partially obstructed by an adjoining wing of stars and space dust, are now flowing freely and are rocking our world with a greatly amplified coherent flow of energy from the center of our galaxy.

If you can stand one more cosmic observation, it will also help explain what is happening here on earth at this moment. As we orbit our sun, we have been moving directly INTO this energetic wave emanation. And, we’ll be directly IN the field of the wave emanation at the June solstice.Then, we will move away from the central Sun emanation with our September Equinox, and finally out of the direct flow of energy when we are behind our sun and our galactic center at the December Solstice. OK! Got that??

So, we are now coming around the mountain, and again entering INTO the flow of tremendous coherent energy, like we haven’t seen for 230 some million years. OK? Wake up! I apologize, but there you have the big picture.

Surf’s up, and we’re about to get personal

The same beautiful coherent and harmonized energy that is ushering in our new age – a new and beautiful world – has simultaneously been disintegrating and rattling apart the structures and systems of cultural coherence that we call our “civilization.” Our experience of this is that the cultural, sociological, economic, political, religious, business, agricultural, educational, medical, judicial, psychological, astronomical, scientific, spiritual, philosophical and cosmological systems and structures that have governed our world are failing.

The innate lack of integrity of our “civilization” has been expanded, and it’s obsolete, we’ve reached the end of our civilization’s capacity to sustain itself and it no longer provides coherence to our experience of life. And, that hurts.

Sadly, we have affected all of life on our planet. The interlinked vibrancy of our global ecosystems have been seriously damaged and we’re at the edge of our planet’s ability to sustain life. We’re experiencing increasingly erratic and severe weather patterns, we’re in the middle of “the sixth extinction” of the world’s species we share life with, and our unrelenting investment in weaponry and warfare is leading all of life towards a potentially dismal future.

What we’re witnessing now on the world stage, war on civilian populations in Ukraine, is the amplification of a horrific aberration. The predatory exploitation and domination of life on our planet by our species is being made unmistakably visible by the vast increase in incoming energy. Yes, it’s like a light has been turned on! We can’t avoid seeing the devastation and damage that the violence, corruption, exploitation and enslavement of life, particularly of the feminine, has done here.

And yet, we simultaneously see, feel, hear and are experiencing mysterious incoming waves of coherent energy; magnificent pulses of harmony, of beauty and mysterious encouragement coming straight from the heart of creation. For those of us used to navigating the random chaos of our times, this incoming beauty reassures us that there is plenty of everything we need to create heaven on earth for ourselves, for our children, and for all who we share life with here.

OK, let’s get personal.

I know your heart is broken. Mine is, too. From this place of shock, horror, pain, and heartbreak there is a simultaneous thrilling, mind-blowing, eye-opening revelation of the precious deep beauty of life in all of it’s glory, right here, right now. Grief and joy, both right here, together in this moment.

This is our moment to restore peace and harmony within ourselves, and to restore both light and darkness to their rightful place as equal partners – as lovers – no longer co-opted by those that would exploit life. I can assure you that what is happening isn’t about “Light-workers vs. Dark Forces”. That’s the game of the predatory exploiters. This is about revelation – the systems of coherence that have governed our lives are coming apart to the extent that they are innately corrupt and lacking in integrity. And, yes! It’s a mess.

But simultaneously, the deep affirmation of life that is disintegrating the civilization we have known is bringing with it the love, care, compassion and kindness that are the essence of the new world emerging. So, here’s a way of looking at what’s happening now, in the face of the multiple over-lapping emergencies that challenge us in this moment, YOU are being called to emerge with the unique and essential giftedness that are the essence of you, the gift of YOU!

In the harmony of this Equinox moment of love between dark and light – in this moment of resolution of the discord of reactive and polarized positions – the big surprise being revealed is that you are “it.” No more pretending to be just a tiny inconsequential speck protecting itself from the savagery of the world. You are the world. And, the harmony you find within yourself creates the flow of life affirming love that heals our world, bringing creative solutions to the damage and distress our species has caused here.

One more irrefutable point here: It is simply a better strategy for living your life to be open, agile, creative, resourceful and responsive, than to be disempowered, depressed, in despair, despondent and unable to face the challenges of our times.

The opportunity that presents itself now is for you to directly experience the gift that you are – to catch the wave of your own beauty and Presence, and to become an artist of Spirit. You are the necessary gift of this moment. Here is the irresistibly amplified invitation from the heart of creation for you to BE here!

Do you hear the great YES from the center of our heart of hearts ringing in your ears?
It is such good news!

You are here and alive within a vast vortexing cosmic iridescently frothing multi-verse, with galaxies, “black holes”, super-novas, stars, planets, our sun, moon, earth, all in wild open space; all of it spiraling around our own whirling flowering of mountains, oceans, trees, the wind, bird songs, the dark beauty of elusive jaguars, of bright sun-lit butterflies, the sparkle of breaching whales, swift foam leaping dolphins, crazy little otters, high soaring eagles, squinty-eyed foxes, squawking raven families, laughing children, rushing rivers, blazing desserts, sleepy dogs, and us, all of us. Yes, we’re all in this together. We co-create together, and for sure we can celebrate together.

So. Gather your family, your friends, your community and together create a simple living ceremony. Acknowledge the sacred. Step into the Holy together, into the deep silence from which all of this emerges. Then – it’s indescribable – the gift of you is here!

Celebrate! Share the moment! Life awakens to care for life! And, you are that love in action.

Feral blessings, with love
Francis Rico