Equinox Blessing for Wednesday September 22nd – courage is contagious!

I’m happy to share with you that this coming Equinox, on Wednesday, September 22, at 12:21pm PDT is one of the most welcome and auspicious moments that can occur in our in lives! And, this will be your lucky day!

I know, I know – every day is (potentially) a lucky day – but in this case, we have turned around the bend in our orbit around the sun, and we’re moving into alignment WITH the flowing energy of life affirming love of life for life that is the sparkling radiant energy emanating from the central spiraling vortex at the heart of our galaxy – from the wild heart of creation.

And, our ongoing experience of our world’s exploitation of life for the benefit of a very few is coming to an end. The roiling boiling body-beating undertow of the aberration that has afflicted the human species – and has harmed all of life on our beautiful jewel of a home planet – is coming to a close as this Equinox comes in.

We’ve been dealing with the push and pull of opposing realities: the existing predatory domination agenda with it’s three ring circus of distraction, damage, and despair doing it’s best to continue “business as usual” – now challenged by an acute awareness that we have so obviously reached the end of the road of exploitation of life.

We are awakening to the precious and irreplaceable Presence of life in all of its beautiful glory.

And, on Wednesday – after a quiet moment – you will begin to see and feel irresistibly encouraging waves of coherence and harmony beginning to flow. Like waves in our oceans, responding to the sun and the moon, energy incoming from the blazing open heart of our galaxy is now flowing in unobstructed – flowing in waves of life affirming life – waves that vibrate with the coherence and harmony that we call Love.

What our mystics, shamans, healers, and seers have long predicted is here: everything we’ve yearned for is possible now – living life in a sane, compassionate, and collaborative world, sharing peace, abundance, and well-being for all.

Of course, this is hard to see when wave after damaging wave of desperation by the predatory dominators of our world amp up their tactics of fear and oppression – but their old world is dying – it can not be sustained.

And NOW, from this coming moment of energetic tidal shift – from distress and fear to sweet harmony and coherence – we have an opportunity to grow our hopes, plans, and dreams – our projects, our businesses, our thing in the world…

DO IT! Be creative with what you want to accomplish, what you want to enjoy, what you really care about, and what you care for in our world.
We’re moving into alignment with tremendous harmony and coherence for the next 3 months – then, into a rest period, a safe harbor, in December – at the Solstice. And then, the coming year, 2022, is the time of great change for the better, for our species, for our selves, and for life itself.

Sharing the moment of this Equinox: CELEBRATE!

It’s good to gather with family and friends – with your community, and please do share this message. If you are alone, you’re with all of us!

Here’s the key: wherever you are, become quiet, so that you can listen and hear this shift occur within and around you.

Let a living ceremony move through you – allow for a recognition of the sacred that surrounds us, and for the sacred that is us. Let yourself feel this deeply harmonious gift filling you with its vibrant luminosity!

Then, enjoy the new day, your lucky day, in the new emerging world.

Bottom line: being in the world, wild and free-spirited, with love in our hearts, is a more effective strategy for bringing healing and sanity to our world than being disempowered by despair and depression over the terrible state of multiple emergencies we all see facing us.

In the face of these emergencies, we emerge!

The opportunity to create a new world is ours – and the time is now.
We have only to shape our intentions, bring our love to life, and call on our gifts – as artists of Spirit.”

feral blessings,
with love,

Francis Rico