Solstice Blessing for June 20th 2021 – the gift is you!

You know those dreadful long car rides – with the kids in the back seat demanding to know “are we there yet?”

Well, we are there!  We’re here.

The long promised “turning point” for our world – the time that we’ve waited for – is here!

It’s already been “here” – but we come to a complete pause, with full recognition of the indescribable awesomeness of what is happening, now, on this June Solstice, at 8:31pm PDT on Sunday, June 20th. Please check this for your time zone.

What we’ve long anticipated as a “turning point” is actually a profound moment of brilliant illumination of the “big picture” – a moment of revelation, that we are now fully embraced by huge powerful waves of coherent harmony beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.

This isn’t the “Summer Solstice” we used to know – of our relationship to our sun, in the yearly orbit we make – where the seasons are shaped by the 23.5 degree tilt to our planet’s rotation that makes our Summer solstice the Southern Hemisphere’s Winter Solstice.

The hemisphere you live on is irrelevant for this coming Solstice, because we have moved into a higher, deeper, and wider relationship – our relationship with the Heart of our Galaxy.

With this Solstice, our earth will be exactly positioned between our sun and a huge stellar opening – a long anticipated “pathway” that we have entered – a pathway from our position on a wing of our galaxy, directly open to the spiraling vortex at the heart of our galaxy.

So – in answer to the question “are we there yet?” – YES! We’ve arrived at a total Earth global moment! The pathway is wide open, and is allowing energy to flow freely with no obstructions.  We’re now in a full spectrum energetic amplification of our connection with Presence, coming in from above, from below, and from all around – illuminated Presence coming right through our “normal” reality.

Sounds sweet and spiritual, right?

The reality is that the illumination created by this influx of cosmic flowing energetic coherence is ruthlessly revealing.

Take a look around! Everything now looks exactly like it really is!

We clearly see the faces of the insane aberrant predators who have brought life on our planet to this desperate moment – of life itself crying out that this is an emergency for life on our planet!

And at the same time, we see the futility of beating “them” at their game: the violent enforcement of their dominance fueled by their insatiable greed, destructiveness and exploitative disregard for life itself.

We can also see something that is deeply encouraging and reassuring:  there is way to for us to live, that is loving, caring, resourceful, responsive, creative, connected and respectful – a way of living life worth celebrating.

And what does this look like?

It looks like you.

The profound gift that this Galactic Solstice moment brings is the brightly lit illumination of the essential gift of you – the gift that you are, the gifts that you bring – the gifts that you uniquely offer just because it is the truth of you.

The huge energetic waves arriving here on Earth this Solstice are bringing an amplification of your dreams – a flowering of you – the you that is the Presence of the mysterious fundamental power of love – of Life affirming Life, of life caring for life.  This is the “love” that flows deep within each of us.

What can you do? Look! Listen! Allow!

From deep within this primal flow of life incoming in the here and now comes this message:


Yes to life! Yes to you!

Yes to your dreams!

We gather in community to become stronger and more resourceful together. In the face of the madness we are witnessing, we share a deep abiding love. In the face of exploitation, we share how much we care. In the face of destruction of life and habitat, we share a strong and determined “NO MORE!”

What can you do?

On this Solstice, gather with your family, friends, and community –  and create a gentle living ceremony.

Include everyone – present and not present, seen and not seen.  And being together, allow your selves to become quiet and receptive.

This is easier to do if you are in a place of wild natural beauty.  But listen – your backyard qualifies as sacred – wherever you are, the Holy is present.  And if you are alone, you are with all of us.

This place of Presence and connection is your true nature. It has never been about turning a corner.  It has always been about the emergence of


Within you is the wild and vibrant power of love for life.

Within you is the power that moves the sun, the moon, and the stars.

You are the wind in the trees, and you are the trees, you are the wild songs of the birds, and the silhouette traces of their free flight. You are the waves on the ocean, the rainbow spray of breaching whales, the shining eyes of the jaguar, the sleepy buzzing of summer bees, the rippling fields of wildflowers, the laughter of children. All of this is you.

This love for life, found deep within you, is the precious gift for you to bring to our world. Now would be good!

with feral blessings –
Francis Rico