As long as we’re speaking English, we might as well USE it, right?

I’m not talking “positive affirmations” – like “today will be a good day, today will be a good day, today will be a good day…..”

If they work for you, many blessings, but they seem to have all the transformational impact of drops of water dripping on the hard granite surface of “reality.”


Statements of what IS. Statements that have the power, conviction, and inevitability of sunrise.

One ancient declaration that is known and used by shamanic wisdom holders around the planet because it endows reality shifting mojo also involves a physical/energetic alignment, a mudra, placing the right hand to the heart, “With Love” – and the left hand to the belly/solar plexus area – “Without Fear!”

The declaration, in it’s full form, is: “I live my life with love and without fear.”

This core life and love affirming declaration can be ornamented by doing it at sunrise, by doing it at the top of the pyramid, by doing it as the final gesture of the day as you drift to sleep – all of that is up to you. But if you DO this, if you declare that you live your life with love and without fear, your life will radically shift in ways that will open your eyes to the transformative power of our use of “language” to shape so-called “reality.”

Toltec teacher Allan Hardman and I were discussing this capacity we all share to shape and re-shape our realities – and how we can go about applying this to ourselves – to self-acceptance – on a new interview show “Mindful Matters with Leigh Burton” – and out of the conversation spontaneously flowered a DECLARATION that energetically shifted everyone who took this “pledge of allegiance” to the Self.

Yes, it came out of my mouth, but it came from the Vast Self that dreams the whole world into existence.

Give it a try for a week, and let me know how “reality” looks then.

with love

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