Solstice Seeds – Monday December 21st, 2015

There are many mythologies about Solstices and Equinoxes – but ultimately, they all contain a more or less deeply hidden secret:    there is a love affair between light and dark.

This realization – shared in ancient “Mystery Schools” – revealed that we live on a revolving planet, a planet that is revolving around a star – our sun – that is revolving around a galactic center that is winging through space.

The whole spiraling assembly is a vortex within a vortex within a vortex – which also pretty accurately describes our “design” as human beings!

This view takes us far beyond the polarities of black and white dualistic thinking – of thinking that we are “light workers” overcoming the forces of “darkness.” What can be called Creation’s love is an organic and natural response, one that Creation now offers to help repair the damage and despair our species has created here on our little planet.

From the darkness of the Winter Solstice in our Northern Hemisphere, this response from the Heart of Creation comes as a gift – an innate shaping of life caring for life that creates “seeds.”

This makes sense when we begin to realize that not only are we in Nature, but that the totality of Nature is in us!

For example: California’s drought conditions inspire our Oak trees to produce twice as many acorns – to insure the continuation of life across times of drought.

And there has been an energetic drought, that we are collectively experiencing as a time of transition between a passing age of surviving war, damage, and injury to life and the new incoming world of thriving vibrant and healthy life – of life worth living.

And from deep within us, like the oaks, we too are being encouraged to shape, sow and grow the seeds of our intentions for a better and more responsible way of living.

There are examples of what these “seeds of our intentions” look like, along with a few questions that will encourage the exploration of your intentions in this short video that I made for you.

To actively receive the gift of up-welling encouragement and support that this Solstice offers us, create a living ceremony – gathering with your friends, family, and tribe in a place of natural beauty, under open skies.  If you are alone, you’re not alone! You’re with us!

Share an alignment with the Sacredness of the moment, or share conversation – just do whatever feels right to come to the realization that we’re all in this together.

Then, together, move to a deep silence – a shared spiraling into the big picture that we are a part of and that is a part of us.

Blessings, with love,
Francis Rico

You’re invited to join with a few brave and hearty souls who will gather on the Bodega Headlands.

Be at the far parking lot at Bodega Head by 8:00 PM on Monday December 21, 2015.

We’ll walk out along the cliff trail together at 8:15 to the Sacred Cliffs south of the parking lot. Bring raincoats, layers, a change of clothes, towels, and whatever else you need to make yourself comfortable.

Our altar will be simple – any herbs and flowers that you wish to bring.

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  1. Anne Lyon -

    Thank you, Rico. Pam RH intro u to me. I will celebrate alone, but with u & our Tribe, spiritually. Thank you for the hope u offer… Sometimes it looks so desolate out there.

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