The Gift of the Solstice

The December Solstice of 2020 arrives at 2:02am PST – the morning of Monday December 21. Absolute precision regarding the time is no longer necessary, because we’ve been moving out of linear time and into the timeless.  So, relax – you can do this your way!

Like “time” – so many of the constructs that have held coherence for our “civilization” are crumbling.  And even the word “Solstice” has become obsolete:  it’s derived from the Latin sol (“sun”) and sistere (“to stand still”).

Our sun, along with our entire solar system including us, is vortexing around the center of our galaxy at 500,000 miles per hour.  And our galaxy is moving thru space at 1.3 million miles an hour.

Yep. Your hair should be blowing straight back!

It’s also true that our old ideas of the December Solstice marking a “return of the light” is a provincial misunderstanding that has been updated by our growing recognition that we are ONE planet Earth, and both northern and southern hemispheres are experiencing the Solstice at the same time – we live local, but we are global-galactic beings.

Let’s recognize that along with almost every societal structure we rely on to support the fabric of our consensual “reality,” words and conceptual systems are also becoming obsolete.  But let me reassure you that what is NOT becoming obsolete is YOU!  Okay?

This Solstice offers a remarkable moment to each of us:  within the huge swelling waves of energy that are flowing around us, we have respite from the storm, in a safe natural harbor – in the lee of the Sun – our star – that is now between us on Earth and the great energy waves emanating from the center of our galaxy.

At the crests of each wave-swell we have a unique opportunity to see the view from the peak – seeing the big picture of life affirming life – of mutual benefit shared by all of life.

And then, dropping deep into the troughs, into the essence of being and embodiment – we find at the great depths that we are connected with all of life, we share life, and are not separate from life.

This is such a novel way of seeing our entry into the mystery of our new world emerging, that it’s fair to ask:

What the heck is going on? 

And, is there any sort of gift in this to help us navigate this great uncertainty?

Here are a couple of ways of describing what’s happening – and we can let a “better story” emerge to describe the movement of energy into our lives and through what we’ve been calling “reality.”’

You’ve heard that Saturn and Jupiter are appearing so close in the sky on the Solstice that they appear to be a new bright star.  And astrologers have a wealth of background information to explain what this means – but for now, let’s just savor the highlights of this strange illumination of our entry into a new age born at 10:21am on December 21st – but who’s counting? 

Saturn represents rules, regulations, established systems and traditional ways of doing things – in other words, real world “traction.”  And Jupiter represents blessings, insights, and new ways of seeing things – in other words, brightly lit “vision.”

And they are coming together to form one bright light – illuminating the shaping and direction of a new world.

Another way of looking at what’s happening is that this is all as simple as riding a bike.

To successfully ride a bike, two seemingly unrelated activities must occur – you have to pedal.   And you have to grip the handlebars and steer!

Pedaling without steering is at best blindly going in circles, and at worst – crashing!  This describes Western Civilization and the state of our present system of the exploitation of life coming to its end.

Steering without pedaling is a wobbly balancing act that leaves us exhausted and nervously wondering why we’re not making progress -when we so clearly see our true direction, and the goal is in sight! 

If you’re thinking of the avatars, holy ones and prophets that have illuminated our world with the beauty of their visionary messages – and the sad fates they endured – you’re seeing that pointing the way without equally deep traction into the evolutionary potential of our species has brought little benefit to anyone except the hypocrites.

So – the message for us on Earth from this amazing and just-in-time astrological synchronicity coinciding with this Solstice is: 

If you pedal and steer you will roll – as love in action!

And the gift of this moment?

You know this.  It’s YOU!

But just like everything else, who and what YOU are is not the same as it was.  Who you are has expanded – you are also the vast timeless Self – and simultaneously, you are an exquisite flash of beauty that is your gift of being here, now.

In galactic terms – the increasing coherence of the waves of energy that we’ve been experiencing from the heart of our galaxy is causing us to pay attention, to face into and even ride these incoming waves of energy – and to awaken to the necessity of engaging with change, including with the multiple overlapping emergencies that face life on our planet at this moment.

The gift of you is not some sort of resistance or opposition to the old world’s exploitive systems – it is your alignment with flow – with the regenerative energy of life itself.

And you are here!  You are the gift that is being given, both to you, to us – and to life.

Right now, we’re tucked safely in a natural harbor – in the lee of the sun – where the waves of energy are gently but powerfully swelling up – up – up – and then, down – down – down.  We’re not being challenged by crashing waves – we’re just experiencing an impressive rise and fall – like the in and out of your breath in this moment.

At the top, the crest, look into life affirming life – into the joy and love that is the foundation of Being. And as the swell passes and we deepen, look into the reality of life challenged here on Earth.  Allow this grief to be felt – allow this reality to touch you as well.

This is your living ceremony – a celebration allowing yourself to experience the sacred in every moment – with every action as the great play of life, of all of our relations, with life itself praying that we will arrive in this moment, alive, kind, caring, respectful, brave, and bold as love.

Invite family and friends to join you in silence – sharing the presence of the ineffable – the mystery.

Please share this message with all who you love and care for.  And, thank you for bringing the gift of your presence here, now.

With love and feral blessings,
Francis Rico